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Climb to live

Even though it is a climbing film, the main line is totally philosophical, so it is directed to all type of public not only to the sportive or climbing sector

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Jordi Salas "Pelón"
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The documentary

A genuine social revolution occurs from the inner transformation of men knowledge. In this documentary, climbing is the vehicle for understanding this process as concepts as fear, death and life are very well analyzed. The main character of the film, Jordi Salas (Pelón), climbs in free solo climbing mode without rope or anything. His mind control and the continuous learning in the liberalization of his conditions provide him with a deepest contact to life, even though it may seem paradoxical. Just under this estate true creativity arises, source of all happiness.

The main character

JORDI SALAS (pelón), was born in Barcelona in 1969 and nowadays he lives in Torrefarrera (Lleida). At the age of 10, he started climbing as a family tradition and when he was 18, he travelled to Yosemite where he stayed for 10 years. There he did the youngest ascension and second national at Midnight Lightning, the most famous bouldering place at that time. He lived a decade as a climbing professional winning different competitions all around the USA, participating in Nationals and X Games, at top 5 for 10 years. Currently he lives in Torrefarrera with two kids. He is a reference in his country, especially in free solo climbing mode.

The collaborators

Chris Sharma

Born in Santa Cruz (California). Considered the best climber in the world. He completed “Realización” in 2001, which was considered as the first 9a+. Currently, he has overcome the 9b+ “Dura Dura” with Adam Ondra

Dani Andrada

He was born in Sevilla. He is considered one of the best climbers in history as he has clipped the anchor to tons of 8s and 9s and, until the day, the number is still rising.

Keyla Salas

She is the daughter of the main character. She was born in Yosemite (California). Currently working as a translator and English teacher.

The Director

Jordi Varela: born in Lleida in 1973. He began with photography. His urge to see the world, especially by bike promoted the multiple photographic reports that became documentaries. His film history contains movies like “Hipòxia”, “Vuelta a los Annapura en btt”, “Via David Duaigües”, “Palomas sobre ruedas” and the recent awarded in the Mostra de Cinema de Sant Martí (BCN) “Mongolia Instantes” and others like “Soe Ming, el meu amic birmà” an interdisciplinary project for schools in collaboration with ONG Colabora Birmania. Nowadays works as a producer and editor in his own company MagicLine films.